Primary Care Near Aberdeen, NC

Are you constantly battling unexplained health issues? If you’re discouraged by conventional medicine and frustrated by a lack of results, Thrive can help. We offer primary care near Aberdeen, NC, and the surrounding cities to help people transform their health and wellness. Our unique nutrition-centric primary care model provides an in-depth discovery with lasting results. 

Improve Your Health and Wellness With Primary Care Services

If you’re tired of changing healthcare providers and hoping for a better solution to your health issues, you are not alone. Many conventional approaches result in prescription medications that mask the symptoms, often triggering more severe health concerns. We provide a personalized approach that meets individual healthcare needs and offers ongoing support for patients to reach their goals. 

Working with a primary care doctor can help identify various health conditions, including:

High-quality and compassionate healthcare doesn’t have to feel impossible. Our team offers more than a temporary solution to fix your symptoms. We take the time to identify the root cause of health concerns to help you gain control of your health and live a robust life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is passionate about sharing the benefits of nutrition-centric primary care. We do our best to answer questions about our services and membership program. Learn more and see our FAQ HERE.

Who Benefits From A Primary Care Doctor?

Everyone can benefit from primary care services. Our model combines nutrition and integrative care to provide comprehensive care for all body systems. Those who suffer from a constant cycle of illness or those who want to improve their overall well-being can benefit from a functional approach to primary care. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, we do. If you decide our services are a good fit for you, we encourage you to join us to reduce costs and receive access to our functional medicine and nutrition experts. Our small fee offers access to our affordable complementary services and ongoing support. This membership fee is separate from your insurance premium.

Are There Additional Costs?

Your doctor may recommend supplements or additional lab testing to enhance the quality of your care and maximize results. However, these are optional, and we will invoice them separately. We do our best to provide personalized solutions that optimize your health and wellness. 

Book An Appointment With Us Today

Our team of primary care providers is ready to help transform your health so you can enjoy life and thrive. Contact our providers at Thrive near Aberdeen, North Carolina, today to schedule a consultation. We are ready to help jump-start health with ongoing support and guidance. 

We Provide Services Near Aberdeen, NC

Aberdeen is a small town in Moore County, not far from Southern Pines. The city has several historic landmarks, including Malcolm Blue Farm and John Blue House. Our office address is 760C NW Broad Street, Southern Pines, NC 28387. 

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