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Thrive functional and integrative medicine practitioners allow you to use your healthcare insurance to access modern, root-cause care. We’ll find and address the underlying causes of your symptoms and health issues so that you can live a fuller life (not just take more medication).

All Thrive practitioners have training and expertise in functional and integrative medicine. We’ll partner with you so that you can say goodbye to disjointed, bare-minimum care and experience the benefits of whole-person care with our holistic approach. 

Our Different Approach to Healthcare

Thrive helps you to actually resolve health problems by taking a root-cause approach to well-being. We pair you with a team of functional medicine and integrative medicine-trained primary care physicians and nutrition therapy providers so that you can escape ineffective band-aid solutions.


We don’t see you as a set of separate organs. Instead, we see you as a connected human, with all of the systems having an impact on each other. So, rather than altering one system but causing new problems in another, our personalized treatment plan will address your challenges holistically.


In conventional medicine, everyone with the same diagnosis gets the same treatment. Instead, we acknowledge and prize the uniqueness of each patient. We create a custom treatment plan that is based on your detailed lab tests, unique situations, preferences, and environment for optimal health.

Root-Cause Care

Most medications do not address the underlying cause of health challenges, chronic illness, and disease. Instead, they block or increase a single pathway in the body. This short-sighted approach is limited in its effect and even creates new problems. Instead, we address the original cause so that you can have true health and well-being (and fewer medications).

Get the best of both worlds.

In addition to functional and integrative medicine, our providers are also experienced and licensed in primary care and nutrition therapy. As a team, they are dedicated to helping you get (actually) healthy and stay well.

You can expect comprehensive care and treatment based on deep empathy and expertise. You’ll get the evidence-based screenings, labs, and exams that are needed annually, but you’ll also get access to more complete, life-changing care.

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“I spent over $10,000 at a different functional medicine clinic with minimal success, and it was too expensive to continue. I’m so thankful that I found Thrive. Here, I’ve worked with my provider and dietitian to address my chronic digestive problems, fatigue, and depression without medication. All of my appointments were covered by insurance!”

Amelia – Functional Medicine Patient

Whole-person starts here.

Thrive offers more than a “fix” to your health issues – we help you heal from the root.

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Your questions answered.

Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that is especially effective at addressing chronic illness or disease. This approach is not anti-medication, but the aim is to understand why the disease is happening and to address the underlying cause whenever possible. Compared to traditional care, functional medicine is more personalized and effective at addressing long-term health issues.

Functional medicine providers individualize each plan and put nutrition at the center of these plans for optimal health. For this reason, they spend more time listening to you and gathering your medical history. At Thrive, we use these details, along with lab testing when needed, to identify the root cause(s) of your symptoms. We especially look for and address factors like imbalanced nutrition, stress, toxins, allergens, genetics, and your microbiome (the bacteria living in your gut).

Once we identify the triggers, we can customize a plan for you. Your plan will address many aspects of your life, from physical needs, including nutrition, exercise, and sleep, to mental and emotional stressors related to social, work, and community life. We are experts at making your plan realistic (not overwhelming) and at supporting you across your journey.

You can learn more about the functional medicine care model from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

Thrive primary care providers are trained at the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), earning the Integrative and Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP) credential.

Registered Dietitians (RD/RDNs) are trained by the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA) and earn the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) credential.

In addition to these intensive, year-long functional medicine credentialing and training programs, Thrive practitioners also attend monthly training seminars in functional medicine. Our practitioners also participate in 1:1 mentorship with specialized colleagues for further growth.

Your first appointment will vary depending on the reason for your visit. If you’re establishing a new relationship for functional and integrative medicine care, our provider will likely ask about your health history, any current concerns, and your health and well-being goals. If your first visit is due to illness or injury, you’ll also be asked about your symptoms and pain, as well as any home remedies you’ve tried.

To make the most of your primary care appointment:

  • Arrive prepared with any questions you may have.
  • Bring your list of medications and supplements.

Please ensure that you complete our intake forms before you arrive. We will send these when you schedule.

Our combined healthcare team includes a primary care provider and a registered dietitian. Ideally, start with primary care before your first nutrition visit. After this visit, we will pair you with the ideal dietitian nutritionist for your needs and goals. Starting with primary care will improve this pairing, the quality of your nutrition care, and the overall outcomes that you achieve with Thrive. This order may also improve your insurance coverage for nutrition.

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