Hormone Balance

Nutrition-centric primary care for PCOS, Fertility, Sexual Dysfunction, and more

Hormones can be tricky, but finding balance doesn’t have to be.

Hormones are your body’s tiny chemical messengers. They are responsible for everything from mood and metabolism to libido and fertility. Unfortunately, when your hormones are out of whack, your whole system can fall off track. The good news is that you can recalibrate your hormones naturally to relieve your symptoms and restore your balance. 

At Thrive, our integrative approach goes beyond mere symptom relief; we focus on healing your hormone imbalances from the root. Say goodbye to fluctuations in mood, energy, and menstrual cycles and take on each day feeling your best. 

Our Approach to Hormone Balance

Thrive takes the confusion out of finding your solution, by combining the best of primary care and powerfully effective functional nutrition therapy to address your hormone concerns from the root.

Nutrition Therapy

Specific meal plans and recipes that boost hormone health, minimize hormone-disrupting foods, and enhance nutrient density.

Functional Supplements

An individualized plan for supplements that support hormone balance.

Environmental Assessment

A holistic assessment and plan to lay the foundation for harmonized hormones.

Nutrition-Centric Primary Care Solutions for Hormone Imbalances

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
Amenorrhea or Oligomenorrhea
Gestational Nutrition
Prenatal Nutrition
Postnatal Nutrition
Low Testosterone in Men
Estrogen Dominance in Men
Testosterone Dominance in Women
Sexual Dysfunction
Infertility, Low Sperm Count, and/or Poor Sperm Quality in Men

Our practitioners are experts in hormone health.

Hormone balance is key to living well. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping you understand how your hormones work, and create a sustainable plan for healthy balance.

With an individualized diet plan, you can cut through the confusion and experience the relief of great hormonal health. You’ll also feel empowered knowing the right diet to eat with confidence. We’ll give you the tools you need to know exactly how have a delicious and nutritionally complete diet. You’ll have a plan that leaves you feeling good.

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Healthy hormone balance starts here.

Thrive offers more than a “fix” to your hormone challenges – we help you heal from the root.

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Your hormone health questions, answered.

Hormone imbalances can result from a multitude of factors, including stress, sleep quality, diet quality, exercise habits, gut health, chronic medical conditions, genetics, social environment, and environmental toxins (endocrine disruptors). These influences can disrupt the delicate interplay of hormones in the endocrine system, leading to irregularities that affect various bodily functions and overall health.
Hormone Imbalance can cause a number of problematic symptoms, such as mood imbalances, sexual dysfunction, painful periods, and infertility. Consequently, these imbalances are not often well-addressed in conventional healthcare settings. The frustrating truth is that quick fixes (such as hormonal birth control) do not address the underlying issues that drive hormone imbalances. A root-cause, food-first approach offers a more effective and sustainable way to manage your hormones. 
At Thrive, we combine primary care, nutrition therapy, and functional medicine to get to the root of your hormone imbalances as strategically and holistically as possible. As hormone health experts, we are able to help you assess the root causes of your imbalances and determine the specific steps to take in order to get the quickest improvement. You will therefore learn to manage your symptoms and problems through dietary interventions specific to your needs. We can also help individualize your plan with advanced hormone testing.

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