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Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Herman Allison

Mr. Allison is a retired Army Major with over 26 years of active service. He was enlisted up to the grade of E-7 when his appendix ruptured, and he knew he wanted to help other people. He did the enlisted commissioning program to become an Army Nurse. As a nurse he has worked in Oncology, as an LPN instructor, and then as an ICU nurse at Fort Bragg. After 911, he was selected to be part of a small surgical team supporting Special Forces and deployed in Oct of 2001 to be the first surgical team to enter Afghanistan. His surgical team, at Bagram Air Base, treated over 500 casualties, and conducted over 100 surgical cases. To remain on this Airborne Surgical Team, CPT Allison completed Airborne school during the summer of 2002 at the age of 42. In 2003, CPT Allison, now Chief Nurse of his surgical team, entered Iraq in March 2003, the first surgical team to enter Iraq. His unit treated over 200 casualties and conducted over 100 surgical cases over a 6-month period.

During the summer of 2005, instead of retiring, CPT Allison volunteered to branch transfer from the Army Nurse Corps to Civil Affairs in June 2005. This required him to go through over a year training for the Civil Affairs Qualification course at the Special Warfare Center and School on Fort Bragg, at age 45.  Now MAJ Allison was sent to work Humanitarian Assistance (HA) at the US Embassy in Mali, North Africa. MAJ Allison helped coordinate multiple HA projects to bring clean water, schools, and small medical clinics to remote areas in the northern Sahara Desert.

During Mr. Allison’s many overseas deployments, since Oct 2001, he has been exposed to heavy metals, toxic chemicals, mold, and even depleted Uranium (at K-2 Airbase in Uzbekistan). Due to these many toxic exposures, he was recently diagnosed with cancer, had surgery and treatment. Full Functional Medicine diagnostic labs were done with results showing high levels of many metals and toxins. The treatment was an intense 90-day detox. He has “been there and done that” since Oct 2001 and seeks to help other Veterans to help heal them from the inside out.

In 2017, he completed the Family Nurse Practitioner program and has worked in primary care with an emphasis on disease prevention. He has worked in a Primary/Urgent care clinic, has done Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) joint/trigger point injections at a Pain clinic, and provided Emergency/Urgent care at a NC Correctional Facility. In Aug of 2021 he helped care for the Afghan refugees in VA. In Nov of 2021, he went to the Marshall Island of Kwajalein as a medical provider until 2022. During 2020-2022 Mr. Allison completed the Functional Medicine Provider program and looks forward to applying these unique assessment and diagnostic skills to help patients find the root causes of their diseases and illnesses.

Mr. Allison has published numerous medical articles on multiple topics since the 1990s. Topics include many cancer diseases with early detection, Strokes, Burns, Trauma, Shock, Hemorrhage control: Lessons learned from the battlefield, a laboratory reference sheet, and a detailed article on Intermittent Fasting.

Mr. Allison is both personally and professionally passionate about health and wellness with an emphasis on disease prevention and quality of life issues. He strongly believes that a nutritionally complete diet and proper exercise are the keys to a happy healthy life. His personal motto is “Food is Medicine”, as well as “Movement is Medicine” and leads by example with an active lifestyle.

Mr. Allison has been active in health and fitness since the early 1980s. From the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s he was his Army unit’s Master Fitness Training and certified group exercise leader from the American College of Sports Medicine. He oversaw the six-day a week remedial physical fitness program and had a 100% success rate for weight loss and passing the Army PT test.

Mr. Allison has been married to his wife Amy for 41 years. They have two daughters and two teenage grandchildren. He has many hobbies that include Latin/Salsa dancing, working out hard at the gym, lifting heavy with HITT, and looks forward to his next Spartan obstacle course race.

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