GLP-1 Medical Weight Loss

Combine Semaglutide and Tirzepatide with Medical and Nutrition Support

Medical Weight Loss

Normalize your hunger hormones with medically supervised use of GLP-1 medications Semaglutide and Tirzepatide.

Insurance-Billed Provider Screening and Monitoring

Insurance-Billed Nutrition Consults for More Complete and Lasting Results

Safely Compounded Medication Avoids Delays and Shortages

Access to Customized Supplement Recommendations, to Minimize Side Effects and Maximize Results

Combined Medical and Nutrition GLP-1 Care

Achieve Lasting Results with Our Integrated Medical Weight Loss Approach

If you’ve struggled for years with your weight, you know that weight loss is not as simple as learning ‘how to eat’. In most cases, obesity is caused by imbalanced hunger hormones. GLP-1 medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide help to return hunger hormones to their regular levels. This allows you to experience freedom from ‘food noise’, often for the first time in your life. From there, you are more able to build new nutrition and lifestyle habits that allow you to sustain your weight loss.

That’s why, at Thrive, we support you on your healing journey by blending our dietitian-led nutrition care with the efficacy of GLP-1 weight loss medications. Our innovative program harnesses the power of personalized nutrition guidance alongside close medical supervision, to optimize your journey towards a healthier weight.

Lose Weight Safety and Effectively.

Unlike online programs, we prioritize your well-being by tailoring our approach to your individual needs and goals.

We complete a full medical screening before you start, to make sure that you’re safe to take a GLP-1 medication. Then, we monitor you across your journey, to ensure your ongoing success.

Your GLP-1 provider also serves as your primary care provider, so that they can provide you with fully comprehensive care.

With Thrive, you’ll succeed in both the short AND long-term, so that you can achieve freedom from dieting and weight struggles for good.

What’s Covered

Medical Screening and Supervision for Safety
Custom-Matched Dietitian for Nutrition Support (Meet Every 1-2 Weeks, Virtual or In-Person)
Our GLP-1 Protocol for Optimal Success
GLP-1 Prescription (Monthly Consult for Renewal)
Access to Care Team for Questions and Troubleshooting
Customized Supplement Recommendations
Unlimited Messaging with Care Team
Accountability & Progress Tracking
NOT Covered by Insurance: Compound Medication Cost (See FAQ)

Med shortage? We got you.

We offer safely compounded Semaglutide and Tirzepatide with full medical and nutrition support. Your medication is delivered to your door within days.

GLP-1 Medical Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s find out! Thrive currently bills the following plans for both primary care and nutrition:
– Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
– Tricare East (Select ONLY for Primary Care and Prime or Select for Nutrition)
– Tricare for Life (nutrition only, not primary care)
– Aetna
– Cigna
– United Healthcare
– MedCost
– First Carolina Care

To find out if you’re covered, start our sign-up process, where our first step is to verify your insurance coverage. Simply enter your information and insurance details and we’ll confirm your coverage before you schedule. Start sign-up here
Note: for medical weight loss, medical consultations with your provider and dietitian are billed to insurance. Your actual medication is still an out-of-pocket cost (insurance does not cover).

In order to quality for our GLP-1 medical weight loss program, you must have a BMI over 30, or a BMI over 27 with an obesity-related condition (i.e. high blood pressure, cholesterol, pre-diabetes, or diabetes). Before diagnosing, we will also run labs to make sure your are medically safe for the medication.
Other disqualifying factors include pregnancy, breastfeeding, some mental health disorders, previous thyroid cancer, current cancer, renal impairment, severe heart disease, hepatitis, gastroparesis, and pancreatitis. Your provider will review and discuss your medical history, to ensure your safe use of GLP-1 medication.
Branded GLP-1 medications such as Ozepic, Wegovy, Zepbound, and Mounjaro are in a national shortage. Further, most insurance plans have stopped covering these medications, even for qualified patients. For this reason, the FDA has approved compound pharmacies to make GLP-1 medications. These compounded medications are safe when ordered, as we do, from an FDA-certified 503A compound pharmacy. We prescribe your GLP-1 Semaglutide or Tirzepatide on a monthly basis. The injectable medication ships within North Carolina to your door within days.

Important note: an in-person primary care consultation at our clinic in Southern Pines, NC is required for GLP-1 medication screening and prescription. A monthly 30-minute follow-up consultation is then required while taking a GLP-1 medication. Most of these medical appointments will also be in-person.
We also require that you meet for insurance-billed nutrition consultations with our team Dietitians during GLP-1 medication use.
You usually get what you pay for. We curate safely compounded GLP-1 medication from a reputable, FDA certified 503A compound pharmacy. Conversely, most online programs are unclear about where and how their medication is compounded, which puts you at risk. Although the compounded medication we prescribe may be slightly more expensive than you can find online, you know it’s safe. Also, our medical consultations are billed to your insurance, making the overall cost with us lower than most online programs.

Another problem with online programs is that the care team does not have the chance to thoroughly medically screen and monitor you. They also are not on your full care team, so there is no way for them to integrate into your overall healthcare. These limitations put you at significant risk as well.

Finally, online programs do not set you up for long-term success. Without nutrition guidance and support, patients taking GLP-1 medication lose significant amounts of muscle (almost half of their weight loss)! This loss of muscle puts them at very high risk for weight re-gain after weaning the medication. Instead, we couple you with a trained dietitian who will help you to protect your muscle, minimize side effects, and build in life-long habits that allow you to wean more successfully from the medication over time.
In addition to your monthly insurance-billed medical and nutrition consultations, your GLP-1 medication is a separate cost. The compound pharmacy will invoice you directly for your medication. The cost is around $100/week for Semaglutide or Tirzepatide at all doses.
We prescribe compounded injectable GLP-1 medication (Semaglutide and Tirzepatide). Before your first injection, we teach you how to administer the injection. The medication may be administered in the abdomen, thigh, or back of the arm.

During your use of GLP-1 medication with Thrive, we require monthly in-person primary care visits. During these visits, your provider will re-assess you and make a decision on dosing for the following month. We support you with instructions for how to take the correct dosing of your medication.

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