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Improve PCOS, menstrual issues, and fertility with an integrative care plan.

Your diagnosis is not your destiny.

If you’re like many women with PCOS or other menstrual conditions, you may have been given a birth control prescription as your complete medical plan. Not only does this fail to fix the underlying problem, but birth control actually can cause new health problems.

The truth is, PCOS or other gynecological diagnosis doesn’t mean you’re forever stuck taking birth control, or living with syndromes like irregular periods, fertility challenges, male pattern hair growth, acne, and excess weight gain. At Thrive, you’ll overcome the root causes of your hormone imbalances, so you can experience healthier periods, improved fertility, and metabolic health. Our goal is to help you live a full and vibrant life without worrying about menstrual health or fertility challenges.

Our Approach to Managing Women’s Health

Thrive takes the confusion out of finding your solution, by combining the best of primary care and powerfully effective functional nutrition therapy to address your women’s health concerns from the root.

Nutrition Therapy

We offer personalized meal plans that prioritize hormone-healthy foods and avoid ingredients that disrupt your system.

Testing & Supplements

We recommend strategic tests to pinpoint your imbalances, then create a streamlined supplement protocol to accelerate your healing.

Environmental Assessment

We address the other key areas of life (such as home environment, sleep, and stress) to allow your body to fall into a natural balance.

Nutrition-Centric Primary Care Solutions for Women’s Health

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
Insulin Resistance
Hormonal Weight Gain
Menstrual Irregularities & PMS
Gynecological Health
Pregnancy Support
Postnatal Support
Perimenopause & Menopause

Our practitioners are experts in women’s health.

As experts in women’s care, we don’t just want to reverse your symptoms—we want to see you thrive. 

That’s why we use a nutrition-centric primary care approach to help you manage your unique symptoms and challenges with the power of food and functional medicine. We’ll give you the tools you need to know exactly how have a delicious and nutritionally complete diet that supports your hormone health and leaves you feeling good through every phase of life.

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A whole-body, food-first approach to women’s health

Thrive offers more than a “fix” to your menstrual or fertility challenges – we help you heal from the root.

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Your women’s health questions, answered.

Yes! Whether your challenges involve hormone symptoms, menstrual regularity, fertility, or the need to support a pregnancy, nutrition is critical for achieving your goals. Your diet is important for providing the nutrients and energy needed for all aspects of women’s health. There are also different nutritional needs for hormone balance across the lifespan. At Thrive, we help you with a custom nutrition plan for your specific needs. We also help with testing hormones and nutritional status. We even help de-code the world of dietary supplements, so that you take only what’s currently needed and safe, and nothing else.
  • PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a common hormonal condition that can affect people with ovaries. It often leads to irregular periods and can cause issues like excessive hair growth, acne, and difficulties getting pregnant. PCOS is linked to insulin resistance, where the body struggles to use insulin effectively, and it can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Managing PCOS typically involves lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and exercise, as well as medications to regulate hormones and improve symptoms.
    In conventional medicine, there are 4 types of PCOS: 
  • A – High androgens & irregular periods (or no period) & polycystic ovaries
  • B – High androgens & irregular periods (or no period)
  • C – High androgens & polycystic ovaries
  • D – Irregular periods (or no period) & polycystic ovaries

However, functional medicine approaches PCOS from a root cause lens and identifies these as the key types of PCOS: 
  • Insulin Resistant PCOS – dominated by symptoms like high blood sugar, darkened skin around the neck and armpits, carb & sugar cravings, and weight gain.
  • Inflammatory PCOS – dominated by symptoms of chronic inflammation like acne and skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain, gut issues, and weight gain.
  • Adrenal PCOS – where the primary androgen that is high is DHEA, which is made primarily by the adrenal glands (in contrast to testosterone, which is made primarily by the ovaries)
  • Post-Pill PCOS – seen in women who had normal periods before being on the pill, but experience PCOS symptoms after coming off birth control.

These types are helpful because addressing the root cause of PCOS is what will guide our expert nutritionists to come up with a diet and nutrition plan that will ultimately help you experience significant improvement of PCOS. Addressing the root cause is what allows true improvement rather than just a masking of symptoms
At Thrive, we use a range of functional lab tests to determine your specific PCOS type so we can design a wellness plan that effectively reduces your symptoms, balances your hormones, and restores your fertility. 
One or more of these tests may be recommended to create your wellness plan:
  • Markers of insulin resistance: fasted insulin, fasted blood glucose, HbA1c
  • Markers of inflammation: hs-CRP, erythrocyte sedimentation rate / ESR sed rate
  • Adrenal testing: cortisol, cortisone, DHEA, and DHEA-s
  • Advanced sex hormone testing: we use DUTCH testing to assess levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and all the metabolites that come before and after those hormones. This allows us to see where the true imbalances lie.
Thrive clinicians know how to help you identify your PCOS type, then how to create an individualized diet plan to address it. Based on evidence and test results, your personal care team will create a specific and realistic nutrition plan that lowers inflammation, optimizes fertility, decreases uncomfortable symptoms, and eliminates food triggers. We also look at the whole picture of your health, and address other lifestyle elements that may be contributing to your symptoms.  

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