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Erin Skinner

Hello, I am a military veteran and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I have over 14 years of healthcare experience, which started with helping military aircrew and special forces optimize their performance through nutrition.

Throughout my own health journey, I’ve felt frustrated and neglected by the traditional medical community. So, I transitioned to the world of integrative and functional nutrition. I have since helped thousands of patients experience the relief of finding the root cause of their illnesses, and resolving them with individual nutrition plans.

Seeing my patients’ success made me passionate about functional medicine. However, I was still frustrated by the lack of access and high cost. As a result, I pursued my license to become an Integrative and Functional Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Later, I co-created one of the nation’s first insurance-based functional medicine clinics, the Inspire Health Center. This clinic’s success proved to me that functional medicine can be accessed through insurance. Empowered Nutrition is, above all, a continuation of this vision: to make the next generation of healthcare accessible to all.

I also teach nutrition professionals how to develop nutrition plans for patients who suffer from gastrointestinal conditions. As the co-founder of the SIBO Academy, I have become nationally renowned as an expert in gastrointestinal-focused nutrition as a result.

One of my key strengths as a dietitian is keeping close to the latest science. My current pursuit of my Doctor in Clinical Nutrition (DCN) through Rutgers University has helped me with this. Informing others has always been important to me, so I always translate nutrition science into layman terms. I’ve done so in my book, the Bone Broth Miracle Diet, and in the Empowered Nutrition Podcast.

Finally, I love to connect with and encourage others. I am compassionate and always put the experience of my patients first. Years of successfully coaching and counseling patients have led to my current philosophy: the perfect diet only works if it’s delivered in a way that is caring and supportive.

Personal Life
Aside from my nutrition career, I spend my time with my husband and three boys. As a military family, we love to go exploring and create adventures.

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