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Registered Dietitian

Kay Graner

I am Registered and Licensed Dietitian with over 35 years of clinical and consulting experience. I am proficient in individualizing Nutrition Interventions and Personal Exploration to achieve Optimum Health using Food as Medicine in a Patient Centered Core. My top areas of expertise are eating disorders, gut health, mind-body nutrition, and culinary artistry.

I began my pursuit of Body, Mind and Spirit connection many years before I chose to go back to school to study Nutrition. My history, both personally and professionally, has always intersected to encourage this direction. My studies began as an undergrad in Nutrition with an interest in Psychology. I finished my formal education with a Masters in Nutrition. My experience as a Clinical Dietitian in a Hospital, Home Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities and as a Consultant for Children and Adults has been invaluable.

At the onset of my clinical practice, I sought out professional training and experts who specialized in Eating Disorders and broadened my skills while pursuing a private practice in this field. In 2015, I wanted more knowledge and a new perspective on my professional process. I initiated an intensive course of study and training that certified me as an Integrative and Functional Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) in 2018.  Now, after over 35 years of professional practice, I am still excited about understanding how the Body, Mind and Spirit work collectively. My practice uses a Whole Body approach and I have many tools in my toolbox that enable my unique clients to find their way to optimum Well-Being.

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